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At Tentinger Law Firm, we represent fathers asserting their paternity rights and mothers seeking to establish paternity of their children. We can also help individuals who dispute paternity.It is extremely important to remember that unmarried fathers do not have any custodial rights unless they seek establishment of the rights through a paternity action. This means that without a paternity suit, unmarried fathers have no right to see their children or participate in major decisions involving their lives.

Paternity cases regarding custody, parenting time/visitation and child support generally involve a blood test (if paternity is disputed). Unmarried mothers should remember that without a paternity suit, they have no right to child support from the father. When county assistance is involved, the county will establish paternity and child support. However, such actions do not typically establish custody, so it is important that the unmarried father affirmatively seeks custody.

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At Tentinger Law Firm we emphasize individually-tailored legal advice and a collaborative approach to our clients’ paternity cases. We work diligently to ensure that the firm’s knowledge of the client’s case is comprehensive and we incorporate this detailed knowledge into pleadings and briefs submitted to the court. We regularly communicate with the client while drafting pleadings, thus resulting in custom-made pleadings for each case. This collaborative approach results in meticulously prepared legal documents sensitive to each client’s individual legal needs and goals when it comes to paternity cases.

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Because of the multiple issues involved in a paternity suit, it is very important to have experienced attorneys on your side, who will take the time to truly understand your situation and advocate for your interests. At Tentinger Law Firm, we have over two decades of experience with paternity matters and other family law issues.

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