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Unfortunately, farming accidents often result in serious personal injury or death. If you or someone you love has been injured or affected by a farming accident, it is important to work with knowledgeable attorneys you can trust to handle your case. At Tentinger Law Firm, our  attorneys and legal staff have handled farming accident and farm property damages in cases ranging from injuries caused by farm equipment to infected, diseased or injured livestock and property damage.


Founding Partner, Jay Tentinger, grew up on a family farm in northern Iowa. He has close ties to the farming communities in Minnesota and Iowa. As an experienced farmer, he has an extensive knowledge of farming equipment tools, how to handle livestock, as well as how to preserve and protect the value of crops.

We understand how much this has affected your life. We are here to help. Call 952-953-3330 to schedule a free consultation.


A machinery-related agricultural injury can occur because the machinery was either built incorrectly or because the machinery did not include the proper warnings. Many farmers do not understand that this is the case. As a result, many injured farm workers do not realize that they have legal rights against the parties responsible for the defective or improperly marked farm machinery that caused the injury.

Jay Tentinger speaks the language of farmers. He understands the lives of farmers and the devastation that a machinery-related farm injury can cause to a family.

Mr. Tentinger therefore diligently protects the rights of the farmers he represents and works hard to pursue all the proceeds and benefits to which the farmer may be entitled as a result of the injury. Very often, personal injury claims are necessary for the family to meet medical expenses, but the attorneys at Tentinger Law Firm know that victims will need to also recover for future medical care. Mr. Tentinger understands the needs of farm workers and builds his cases so the courts know it, too.

We are experienced in farm accidents and damage involving:

  • Auger Injuries
  • Baler Injuries
  • Chemical burns
  • Equipment Defects
  • Injuries caused by animals
  • Amputated limbs
  • Maiming by harvesters or grinders
  • Tractor overturns
  • And more


We know the extent of injury and damage in farm accident cases. Having a deep appreciation for the practices of farming, we can help you best protect your rights and interests should something go wrong. We understand the nuances of farming accident cases and can effectively protect your rights and long-term interests.

To discuss your questions with an experienced attorney contact Tentinger Law Firm at 952-953-3330 or use our quick contact form to schedule a consultation. Tentinger Law Firm accepts credit cards. All conversations between Tentinger Law Firm and potential clients are kept completely confidential.

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