Lease Termination For Landlords

Having a guest or tenant overstay their welcome?  If you allow someone to live with you, even if they do not pay rent, Minnesota law imposes a month-to-month lease.  At Tentinger Law Firm, we can help you terminate the lease and proceed with eviction to remove them.  We also help landlords and management companies for landlords in more traditional evictions.

There are multiple reasons for eviction.  The most common reason for eviction is non-payment of rent.  In these circumstances, the tenant has a right to redeem the tenancy by paying the amount owed and the cost of eviction, including the court filing fee.

Another reason for eviction is breach of lease.  This might include having unauthorized pets, illegal activities, or destruction of property.  We can help determine if the tenant has materially breached the lease and can be evicted.

The final common reason is holdover tenants, which is when a lease has expired, but the person remains in the property.  Under Minnesota law you are not required to lease to anyone, but you need to follow the notice requirements to remove them, or the eviction will be dismissed. We can help make sure these requirements are followed and the eviction is successful.

Eviction has many requirements under the law and doing it incorrectly can open you up to liability.  A court may dismiss an eviction if the requirements are not followed strictly.  Because of that, it is important to obtain an attorney to make sure that you meet these requirements.

As a landlord or property manager, if you need legal assistance with eviction of a tenant, please contact us at (952) 953-3330.