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Whether your injury is caused by an icy sidewalk or unsafe store entrance, a slip and fall injury can have a devastating effect on your life. Fall-related injuries frequently leave their victims with limited to no mobility. This only increases the negative impact a fall can have on your life by preventing you from returning to work.

Who will pay my medical expenses? How can I recover for my lost time from work? What can I do about the vacation time I had to use? All of these questions are common concerns for the victim of a slip and fall.  But you are not alone. Our attorneys can help answer these difficult questions and will work diligently toward getting your life back on track.


Property owners have a duty to maintain safe walkways and prevent foreseeable dangers.  When a property owner neglects to remove ice from the sidewalk, clean up a spill in a grocery aisle, or replace a crumbled sidewalk, they can be found liable for the injuries caused to others.

However, despite their failure to maintain safe pathways, property owners often try to blame the victim.  The property owner and their insurance company will likely argue that it was your responsibility to not slip on the ice or to avoid the broken sidewalk. Don’t let them bully you into thinking it is your fault.  Liability law is complex and it may not always be that one party is entirely at fault, but that certainly does not mean you do not have a right to recover.


If you or a loved one are the victim of someone else’s failure to maintain safe premises, do not delay in seeking an attorney. The circumstances surrounding the fall can be very important to proving your claim and contacting an attorney early on can help protect your right to recovery. An attorney can preserve evidence and gather witness lists and guide you through the claims process.  Protect yourself and your claim by contacting Tentinger Law Firm immediately.


Our goal is to get you the compensation you deserve. We do this first by negotiating settlement directly with the insurance companies. Many cases can be resolved through settlement and this usually means a faster recovery for you. However, if the insurance companies are not willing to pay you what you deserve, we will not hesitate to take your claim all the way to trial and tell your story to a jury.

To discuss your questions with an experienced attorney contact Tentinger Law Firm at 952-953-3330 or use our quick contact form to schedule a consultation. Tentinger Law Firm accepts credit cards. All conversations between Tentinger Law Firm and potential clients are kept completely confidential.

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