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Big Changes Coming in 2019 to the Tax Treatment of Alimony Under New Tax Law

Posted by Tentinger Law Firm

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“H.R.1”), recently signed into law by President Trump, big changes are coming in 2019 to the tax treatment of alimony, or spousal maintenance, as we call it here in Minnesota. Spousal maintenance refers to payments after a divorce from an ex-spouse that earns a higher salary or has… Read more »

High-Asset Divorce in Minnesota

Posted by Tentinger Law Firm

Most people are aware that divorce involves the division of marital assets, but this process becomes more complicated in a high-asset divorce.  The same legal standard applies (i.e. “equitable division”) to division of marital assets no matter how much property is involved, but the stakes are particularly high when there is a substantial amount of… Read more »