I was involved in a child custody suit, of which the outcome was critical. Within an hour of meeting Jay Tentinger, I was certain he was the right attorney for me. He gave no pretense, no sales pitch, and no pressure. Jay simply explained to me the law in child custody cases. He listened and understood what I wanted. Then, he frankly and pragmatically told me what I could do, what he could do, what the likely outcomes were, the likely time frames, and the likely costs. I was confident in him and we moved ahead. Ultimately, Jay put together a well supported case and strategy and shortly after my son’s mother acceded.

Besides, being a very good lawyer, Jay was a very good advocate-for everyone involved. Many times, he demonstrated sincere care for the well being of my son. He was very careful to avoid strategies that might diminish my son’s relationship with his mother or that would involve my son. Jay’s dual priorities were to 1) win my case and 2) act in the best interests of my son. He also put considerable thought into preventing my wife and me from saying or doing anything that would damage our ability to ultimately get back on good terms. Throughout the entire process, he sincerely worked toward getting our dispute resolved as quickly as possible and, for both of us, as inexpensively as possible.

The final result was I obtained everything I sought for thousand less than I feared I would have to pay. My son was kept out of harm and is now quite happy. The relationship between him and his mother is actually better than it has been in a decade. She and I are having lunch this week and together we are taking my son to the zoo this weekend-and this is less than four weeks since the closure of our case.

Thank you very much Jay. This will benefit my son his entire life.


I am writing this letter because I am highly impressed with the hard work that Jay Tentinger did for me in a dispute I had with the company I worked for and was let go. Jay really went to bat for me, he never quit and never backed down.

He is as tenacious as a bulldog and this is a tremendous trait when you want a lawyer that is truly on your side. I have never been a big fan of attorneys because of the seven times I have used attorneys in my life I have had four very bad experiences, one mediocre experience and two really great experiences and dealings with Jay were the absolute best ever. I highly recommend him for any job you need him to handle. He should really issue a warning sign to the people he goes after saying: “Beware of the Bulldog”. Really he is one of the best I have ever seen, even better than attorneys that cost you much more! Thanks a bunch Jay!


Jay Tentinger is all that you can ask for in an attorney and more.

I quickly found myself very grateful to have Jay on my side. Jay works tirelessly for his clients, expresses interest in you as if you were a close friend, and quite frankly knows how to handle your case. In every case that we were dealing with other attorneys, Jay was always the most impressive person in the room. He comes with many years of experience, and I had seen first hand how important that was while he dealt with other attorneys, judges, and a process that sometimes will change at any moment. I found Jay to be exceptionally knowledgeable about the law and had a way of explaining it to me so that I had confidence that my case was in the right hands with him. Having Jay Tentinger on your side is like having a very impressive big brother going with you into a struggle. Hiring Jay Tentinger was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

While going through my legal issues this past year, I needed a great attorney whom I could trust to take me through this tough time. 


Ross recently helped me with a civil suit against my last employer. He completely guided me through the process and was extremely knowledgeable. He kept me informed of developments and helped design my arguments to fortify my position. I would recommend him again to anyone in need of advice and/or compensation from wrong doing.


Thanks Jay! Great work by the way! You really rose above any expectations and did so professionally with patience, determination and accomplished more than I had hoped for and expected. I appreciated all you did.


In our office we had a situation arise that required the assistance of a Law Firm that deals with business issues. I contacted the Tentinger Law Firm and explained our situation. They were wonderful. They researched our situation and provided us with exactly the information we needed. I cannot say enough good things about TLF. I would highly recommend TLF to anyone who may have employment issues or any other problem for that matter. If we ever have another situation like before or have the need for new legal representation, TLF is the firm we will call.


Jay’s exceptional professionalism and attention to detail make him a stellar advocate for his clients.


I was facing an ugly custody battle and I had no idea where to turn. It was very stressful and emotional for me, but I was more concerned for my child’s emotional state going through all of this. I searched the internet, found Tentinger Law Firm, and made the call. When I met with Jay Tentinger, he made me feel at ease with his knowledge. He assured me that he was with us in this, and to try not to worry too much. He was reassuring to my child, which helped ease any stress there; he kept in touch with us throughout the days leading to the court date; and even put me at ease when something would come up that I didn’t understand. In short, we won that custody battle — thanks to Jay Tentinger, and the way he fought for us. He is truly a man who not only cares about the case, but the client. I have and will continue to recommend Jay Tentinger to anyone in need of a great lawyer. If in the future I ever need an attorney again, without a doubt, I will be calling Jay Tentinger.


My wife and I had a legal matter that came up and we needed a great attorney. We found Jay Tentinger, and we were so glad we did. He took care of our legal matter with professionalism, courtesy and respect — for us and for our case. We will never go anywhere else should we need legal services again.


Working with Jay Tentinger of Tentinger Law Firm made all the difference regarding my legal needs. Mr. Tentinger is efficient, honest, loyal, supportive and always prepared. He made my legal experience comfortable and communicated consistently with me, to provide updates, support and suggestions on which direction was best for my situation. He helped me understand the law as he involved me in the process to prepare me for my trial and always consulted with me before any decisions were made. I recommend Tentinger Law Firm for your legal needs as this firm is very professional, hard working and most of all honest.


Because of my frustrations in dealing with a bigger legal firm, I came across Jay Tentinger’s name in an Internet search and we set up a meeting. His direct, professional, no nonsense approach to my situation impressed me and I switched my legal matters to his firm. I found his advice to be very insightful and helpful. In my opinion, he helped resolve differences that otherwise might have prolonged the case. I recommend him and his firm for its integrity and hard work, and I continue to refer friends whom I think would do well to avail themselves of his services.

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"I have been working with Anna. She is very ontop of things and is great with communicating things back to you as soon as she gets them! She is also very knowledgeable."
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